Bury Me with My Guitar


Bury me with my guitar
Don’t rest my hands upon my chest
New strings so I can play in Heaven
Lay me there with my hands on the neck
I may have scratched the body every now and then
But don’t fix it up, I don’t want to hide my sin
It’s old and faded but you can still read the name
The strings are rusty and it’s time that they’ve been changed
The tuners aren’t as true after hanging by the shelf
But I can’t complain for I’ve not been true myself
The sound isn’t pleasing to everyone’s ears
But I know some people who held the sound so dear
It’s time that I should be going
My song has almost reached its end
And you’ve all been so good to me
But in this world my guitar’s been my closest friend
And though it was mine, it wasn’t just for me
Others picked it up sometimes and played so beautifully
They thought me how to hold it, what was right and wrong
And thanks to them I know some great songs
Sometimes the strings broke off, amplifiers blew
Sometimes I forgot all the chords I ever knew
But I loved it all, every measure, every bar
So when I’m dead and gone bury me with my guitar


Brandon Mahaffey


To hear this song performed, please check out Brandon’s MySpace page: www.myspace.com/brandonmahaffey

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