The Forgotten

Snow flakes fall on broken glass,
Days, months, years pass;
Vines gather together their ranks,
And overtake once well-kept planks,
Sand and stones blow in from the shore,
They leave the beach to reside outside the house’s forgotten doors.

Spring gallops back on a timeless white steed,
Clothing the trees with luscious delicate leaves they need;
Carrying birds and brisk warm weather,
Opening flowers, releasing each butterfly from its tether;
Children racing through the woods,
Laughter lifted to the heavens, all to be enjoyed should.

Summer comes and frees the children to return to their fun,
To laugh, play, and endlessly run under the sun;
Bright, quick streams invite the children in to swim,
Cooling suntanned skin, lying underneath trees, so the sun they can dim,
Once again running through the mystic woods to places unknown,
New quests, exhilarating adventures, young conquerors lead to places soon shown.

The long forgotten house once again found,
Squeals of joy are heard all around;
Wondering all through the grounds,
Up, down, in and all around the mounds;
Though nature had eaten up this home,
It has now become a playground for these children to roam.


Beth Flichman

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