The Called


Bonds of team, the training done

Now it’s time for that first run

Tones were harsh, the voice was bold

We climbed in the rig and rolled

A mad blaze covered the ranks

We clutched our fears and air tanks

We grasped the lure of our call

Knowing moments counted all

The flames grew large, raging on

Seeking more turf to feed upon

The lines stiff as pressure grew

Through the nozzles water knew

Splashing and drowning the blaze

No flame escaped our deep gaze

Screams pierced through the smoke and noise

Shaking the strength of our poise

The building gone, its walls fold

Nothing to be done we’re told

More screams, then we understood

A cry for help but none could

We held back threats of despair

We had to move past the snare

Of desperate fears untamed

Days of regret mixed with shame

Not all survive the danger

Some give way to slow anger

We became a better crew

The day when honor was new

Only to wither by fire

It claimed our strength and desire

Feeling the burn from that cry

Knowing our victim just died

Powerless against the beast

Loss within its frenzied feast

We looked at glowing embers

Keeping bay growing tempers

“the next one ours” said with hope

Together we had to cope

Brothers, family, our creed

The way for us to succeed

Our gloves back over our hands

We held on taking our stands

Aware that glory and laud

Was reserved for just the called


Robin Weinrich

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