Static Channel Autumn


There’s a bass line in my headphones as I deposit my parking fee
I walk toward the live nude trunks and mossy patches exposed for the world to see
Five dollars for a pay-per-view advertised on the preserve marquee
Maple syrup is the kink in this free love forest orgy.

It’s God’s natural display in this stick and mud romance
No signs of limb enlargements, no cosmetic chest implants
But I feel slighted with this Saturnalia of plants…
Lacking true desire to separate skin from black dress pants

A gold and orange marching band in perfect step for this parade
The pile formed by foreplay wind from an outstretched branch air raid
With a staunch green jealousy I pull the pin from my grenade
Pastoral picture’s perverted pleasure now desolate and decayed


Jake Duvall

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