Dark Half of My Soul

Walking in pure light, innocent in thought
Daydreams of life, iniquity is naught
Weaving through branches, careless and free
To the melodies of the forest, I dance with the trees
Stopping mid-turn, breaking grace from my form
I glimpse misty eyes, my attention is torn
As I stop to stare, my heart pounds from within
Her eyes are familiar, is she friend or kin?
She enters my realm, ghostly in shape
Gliding over the leaves, no sound does she make
Her movement is impure, her eyes speak of sin
I sense a lover of power, of lust and of men
Shielding my eyes I start to flee
I step towards freedom but overtake me does she
She caresses my face, now fogged in a daze
She looks deep into my eyes, I am lost in her gaze
Her cold fingers grasp, intertwine with my own
Peace melts away, chaos takes the throne
My heart screams with her touch, my mind shattered in the night
Purity I walked in, now darkness taints the light
Resisting with failure, offering all I was before
Releasing to her my service, she invades my core
Who is this stranger with such power and command?
Welcoming the demons, I strived to understand
Looking once more into her pale beautiful eyes
A contradiction of all, with truth and lies
Sudden awareness of who this creature is
Confused and broken, I question through my tears.
“How is this possible, servant of the night?
That I lay helpless before you, turning from all that’s right?
I thought I had slain thee, not so very long ago
Yet you are back to haunt me from hell, dark half of my soul.”


Jessica Bozeman

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