Daddy Died Today

Daddy died today.
Tears fell, swift as rivers.
My little brother –
he curled up tight
and wouldn’t move,
not for the world.
Mamma cried and crid,
more than rain clouds in spring.
My feet seemed to squelch
in the tears that drenched the floor.
The day my Daddy died.

Rain, rain, rain and tears –
it seemed to me
the world cried.
I watched heavy clouds
and water running
down windows
off leaves.
Even the trees cried,
the day my Daddy died.

I wondered why
I couldn’t cry.
My heart was heavy,
yet my eyes were dry.
I yearned for comfort.
They my friend,
he hugged me close
and said real quiet,
just like Daddy did,
“I’ll take care of you.”
Then my tears flowed.
The floodgates of my aching heart
released their heavy burden.
The day my Daddy died.


Jenny Dahl

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