Backwards to My Away Presentation of Here

My watch was two days slow,
I set it and it’s Christmas,
Now, all cozy with the family,
I speed up time and I am alone,
Home–a room, a hall of requests intrudes,
Work–a study in life, patience, friendship and work,
School–background noise occasionally striking a loud note,
Love…regretfully abandoned for other causes…possibly fake romantically,
Only love for family and future are seeming real,
Disillusionment peaking without bespeaking lies,
Instead, half-truths and sunshine spoilers,
Bubbles of arguments trapped in memory…forgotten, but present,
Becoming fiery clouds to rain fire on the concept of love,
Oh how I miss it! Like the first crisp day of spring,
Before life intrudes and I–ever the pacifist–am stubborn to continue,
The cool breeze on a hot day is her breath on my neck,
Her face is the secret field of flowers that could bring special smiles,
A dream to you to me to you; to you,
Good bye hello! I’ll write you later my reader,
Enjoy life! Why not, Right?


W. B. Jenkins




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